Is there anywhere to stay near the studio?

There are lots of lovely places to stay nearby that we highly recommend. Cheap and cheerful include options include The Aber , Crouch End or the Premier Inn, Hampstead. Nicer alternatives such as the The Pancras Hotel, Kings Cross, The Nobu Hotel and The Curtain, Shoreditch are also easily commutable to the studio. Conversely, if you are looking for something more homely One Fine Stay and Foxton short term lets offers luxury accommodation close by too.


Is there anywhere nice to eat near the studio?

Absolutely. The Church studio is situated close to numerous restaurants, wonderful cafés and food stores. Please feel free to ask our friendly staff for advice and we will be more than happy to recommend you some options. We can also arrange private catering options too.


Does the studio run a work experience program?

The Church studios runs in partnership with Miloco. As a result we offer 2-4 week work experience placements through Miloco. You can find more information about our work experience placements here.


Can I use the studios for filming purposes?

Yes, please contact us with what you had in mind. Artists such as Adele, JP Cooper, and Maverick Sabre have all made use of filming in the studio, documenting incredible live music.


Are there rooms suitable for strings and choir recordings?

Definitely. Please do get in contact with us, so we can find the best space for your needs.


Does the studio provide residential or catering facilities?

Unfortunately, The Church is not a residential studio. Nevertheless there are plenty of excellent places to stay nearby - please see some suggestions above. Whilst at The Church we can arrange a variety of different catering options for you. In particular, anything from lunch deliveries, to private chefs.


Can I use my own laptop and interface in the studio?

Yes of course. Although feel free to use our own studio computers and desktop monitors if you would prefer. If you haven't already, make sure to check out our huge range of plug-ins and floating equipment available for you. Our engineers will set up the studio to your request.