Is there anywhere to stay near the studio?

Our preferred hotel supplier is The Standard, Kings Cross. standardhotels.com/london/

A 25 minute drive from The Church (faster at certain times of the day), The Standard has an array of excellent rooms and suites, catering to all group sizes and budgets. Contact us for more information and rates.


Is there anywhere nice to eat near the studio?

Absolutely. The Church studio is situated close to numerous restaurants, wonderful cafés and food stores. Please feel free to ask our friendly staff for advice and we will be more than happy to recommend you some options. We can also arrange private catering options too.


Does the studio have parking?

- The Church Studios have three car park spaces that are allocated daily.

- Dimensions for location trucks: Gate - 3 metres / Width - 3.20 metres / Length - 19 metres.

- Alternatively, free parking can be found at Harringay Park across the street from the
studio (after midday only).

- Or Crouch Hall Rd, Car Park which is situated 4 minutes away from the Studios. Open Mon - Sat, 8am to 6.30pm (Over 4 hours = £7.20 - PBP). Free on Sundays.


Does the studio run a work experience program?

We are not currently recruiting interns. Please check back in the future.


Can I use the studios for filming purposes?

Yes, please contact us with what you had in mind. Artists such as Adele, Stormzy, and Madonna have all made use of filming in the studio.


Are there rooms suitable for strings and choir recordings?

Definitely. Please do get in contact with us, so we can find the best space for your needs.


Does the studio provide residential or catering facilities?

The Church is not a residential studio however, there are plenty of excellent places to stay nearby.

Whilst at The Church we can arrange a variety of different catering options for you - anything from lunch deliveries to private chefs and caterers.


Can I use my own laptop and interface in the studio?

Yes of course. Although feel free to use our own studio computers and desktop monitors if you would prefer. If you haven't already, make sure to check out our huge range of plug-ins and floating equipment available for you. Our engineers will set up the studio to your request.


What are the capacities for each of the studios?

You can find the full breakdown for capacity studio by studio via the link below. If required please contact us to confirm current restrictions that will be in place during your session.